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Making learning visible for students, educators, and parents

We’re a growing community of educators working to transform education for all students, on a common platform.

Our platform is the foundation for
learner-centric education.

Teaching, supported by technology

By streamlining classroom operations, our tools help educators focus on what matters most: creating opportunities and environments in which students learn and thrive.

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“The feedback that I keep getting from parents over and over is, ‘Wow, you really know my kid!’”

— Emily, Educator at AltSchool

Bring whole-child learning to life

With the ability to capture moments of active learning as they happen, it’s never been easier to document, share, and discuss a child’s social-emotional growth and academic progress.

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“Our son has changed dramatically in math and reading, but also in how he connects with other students and the ways in which he’s thinking about the world.”

— Chris, AltSchool parent

All in one place

The AltSchool platform is a comprehensive solution for personalized learning. By surfacing actionable insights, educators can meet every student’s needs with precision and timeliness, using a single, flexible system to create and customize content.

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“Creating a personalized experience for kids requires a lot of different tools. The platform allows you to do that in one place, and they work together.”

— Tommy, Educator at AltSchool

We are educators
and technologists

Educators collaborate with designers, researchers, and engineers to continually improve our platform. We co-develop the tools in our lab schools to deeply understand what educators and students need to be successful—so we can be nimble in improving practices and products.

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Spanning public and private settings, from urban to suburban, our diverse community includes partner districts and schools across the U.S., as well as AltSchool's lab schools in San Francisco and New York.
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