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AltSchool is a partnership between educators, entrepreneurs, and engineers who are driven to deliver whole-child, personalized learning so that every child can reach their potential.

We're working together to build a comprehensive platform to personalize learning in schools, with the goal of making the best education the most accessible.

We started by opening our own schools. Now, partner schools can join the AltSchool network and leverage AltSchool’s technology and services platform.

"At AltSchool, I’ve flourished intellectually, emotionally and socially. I feel joy walking into the classroom every day. Our teachers are the heart of our community. Being here, I’ve found a passion for learning and the desire to follow my dreams."
San Francisco Middle School Student
"At AltSchool, the educators and engineers with whom I collaborate are intentional in their innovations, and I'm thrilled that I get to be a part of that change." 
Paul, AltSchool Educator
"The people I work with are inspired and inspirational. Everyone here shares their own passion for education. I also get to work on the most deeply satisfying code I could ever imagine writing. I sleep very well at night."
Daniel, Full-Stack Engineer
“In addition to the innovative approach to learning, I am seeing my children develop as individuals. I appreciate how passionate the teachers are about being educators.” 
San francisco parent

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In Practice: Whole-Child, Personalized Learning

At AltSchool, everything we do is geared toward a whole-child, personalized approach to education that fosters student agency. To facilitate this, our educators work to develop all parts of a child—not just their academic abilities—and to create experiences that are tailored to the specific learning abilities, needs, preferences, and interests of individual students. Our ultimate goal is to empower students as creative, resilient, inquiry-driven citizens who are able to self-advocate, develop strong relationships, navigate complex information, and drive their own learning in diverse environments beyond the classroom. 

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