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Our Mission

AltSchool’s mission to enable all children to reach their full potential.

Our Vision

AltSchool is designing a technology-enabled network that connects teachers, parents, and students to deliver a personalized, whole-child education. Our approach focuses on developing self-awareness, innate capability, and collaboration skills so all children can successfully navigate their future.

Our Programs

Lower & Middle School

AltSchool currently enrolls Pre-K through 8th grade students in our Lower and Middle School programs. Each program features mixed-age classrooms taught by exceptional educators. Our rigorously personalized approach develops skills to encourage lifelong learning and success, as well as a strong academic foundation.

Lower School

Lower School includes Pre-Kindergarten through 4th grade in New York, Junior Kindergarten through 5th grade in Chicago, and Transitional Kindergarten through 5th grade in Palo Alto and San Francisco.

Middle School

Middle School encompasses 5th through 8th grade in New York, and 6th through 8th grade in Chicago and the San Francisco Bay Area.

This age also brings a new set of opportunities for deeper self-understanding and agency, and for growing empathy for and collaboration with others. They continue to understand and feel their impact in the school community and the world around them. They read and analyze complex texts and develop competency in core math and science domains. They explore their passions and demonstrate learning that manifest in everything from art installations to websites. They graduate with a love of learning, breadth and depth of knowledge, and the well-earned confidence to excel in the world beyond AltSchool.

Before & After School


Our before- and after-school programs are called AltExplore, and include Extended Day, World Languages, and Community Enrichment.

Extended Day is designed to facilitate children’s need for unstructured play and exploration. The program runs from the end of the regular school day through 6pm and is supervised by AltSchool educators. Activities may include outdoor time, science, art, or tinkering projects in addition to free choice or Playlist time. Educators design activities to encourage growth in the same Habits that are developed in the core day such as creativity, self-direction, and ethics.

AltSchool offers families prepay packages for Extended Day, as well as the ability to drop in to the program as needed. Students may participate in Extended Day in combination with other AltExplore offerings​ on any given day or in any given week.

Our World Languages programming gives students real-world, hands-on experience in their target language. Classes are organized around a project-based curriculum that engages students' interests and passions in a new language, teaching them the vocabulary and language skills they need to communicate effectively. Our approach is inspired by the Can-Do Statements from the American Council on the Teaching of Foreign Languages. Programs and languages offered vary by school.

World Languages offerings are based on demand from families. Spanish and Mandarin have historically been the most requested programs. AltSchool may also offer foreign language coursework through partner organizations in its Community Enrichment program.

Community Enrichment classes are offered in partnership with local experts and organizations highly aligned with AltSchool’s educational approach. Classes are designed to allow students to explore new subjects, dig deeper into their passions and interests, and build on previous learning experiences. Programs are adjusted regularly based on feedback from our parents, students, and teachers. Examples of past Community Enrichment programs include Shaolin Kung Fu, Chess Club, and Wild Animal Explorers.

AltSchool Language Program

AltSchool currently offers a full-time Spanish language program in San Francisco.

Our language program develops proficiency in a second language and is grounded in AltSchool’s whole-child, personalized, and experiential educational approach. Similar to other AltSchool students, each child enrolled in a language program has a personalized learning experience, with personal goals and curricula based on their level and passions across all academic areas. Our language program also inspires an appreciation of culture, history, and arts through project-based learning.

Spanish Immersion:

Kindergarten - 4th Grade (San Francisco only)

Class work ranges from 80% - 90% in Spanish and 10% - 20% in English across all academic areas.

Application Process

We are offering up to a $5,000 merit scholarship to students fluent in Spanish to encourage a rich language experience in the classroom. Needs-based tuition assistance may also be available.

Please refer to the San Francisco locations page to see the full application process.

Our Values

Students thrive when they understand how and why they learn.

Technology can superpower teachers and students.

A strong, connected community of teachers, students, and parents can transform education for everyone.

The world’s best education should be the most accessible.


AltSchool has locations in the San Francisco Bay Area, New York City, and is expanding to Chicago in the 2018-2019 school year.

Please select your location to learn more, including an overview of our admissions calendar and tuition information:

San Francisco
Palo Alto
New York City
Chicago (Fall 2018)

San Francisco Schools

AltSchool SOMA

AltSchool HQ
Middle School (6 - 8)
1245 Folsom St
San Francisco, CA 94103

AltSchool Alamo Square

Lower School (not accepting new students)
735 Fell St
San Francisco, CA 94117

AltSchool Dogpatch 1

Spanish Immersion (K - 4)
2265 3rd St
San Francisco, CA 94107

AltSchool Dogpatch 2

Lower School (TK - 2)
610 20th St
San Francisco, CA 94107

AltSchool Fort Mason

Lower and Middle School (K - 8)
3741 Buchanan St
San Francisco, CA 94123

AltSchool Yerba Buena

Lower and Middle School (K - 8)
300 4th St
San Francisco, CA 94107

Palo Alto Schools

AltSchool Palo Alto

Lower and Middle School (TK - 8)
930 Emerson Street
Palo Alto, CA 94301

New York City Schools

AltSchool Brooklyn Heights

Lower School (Pre-K - 4)
212 Hicks St
Brooklyn, NY 11201

AltSchool East Village

Lower School (Pre-K - 4)
1 Avenue B
New York, NY 10009

AltSchool Union Square (Scheduled to open fall 2017)

Middle School (5 - 8)
90 5th Avenue
New York, NY 10011

Chicago Schools

AltSchool Lincoln Park (Scheduled to open fall 2018)

Lower and Middle School (Junior Kindergarten - 8)
610 W. Schubert Avenue
Chicago, IL 60614

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21st Century Educators

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September 15, 2015

AltSchool Raises $100 Million in Funding to Reimagine Education for U.S. Students and Teachers
May 4, 2015

AltSchool Hires Top Execs from Google, Uber, Rocket Fuel and Zynga to Help Reinvent Education from the Ground Up
March 4, 2015

AltSchool Continues to Innovate Progressive Education Model: Educational Startup Officially Converts to Public Benefit Corporation and Certified B Corporation
November 17, 2014

AltSchool Raises $33 Million in Series A Funding to Transform K-8 Education Through a Network of Innovative Micro-Schools
March 18, 2014

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