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About Us

AltSchool is a collaborative community of micro-schools that uses outstanding teachers, deep research, and innovative tools to offer a personalized, whole child learning experience for the next generation.

Our Mission

We believe that every child should have access to an exceptional, personalized education that enables them to be happy and successful in an ever-changing world.

Our Programs

Lower & Middle School

AltSchool currently enrolls Pre-K through 8th grade students in our Lower and Middle School Programs. Each program features mixed-age classrooms taught by exceptional educators. Our rigorously personalized approach develops skills to encourage lifelong learning and success, as well as a strong academic foundation.

Lower School

Lower School includes Pre-Kindergarten through 5th grade in New York, and Transitional Kindergarten through 5th grade in the San Francisco Bay Area. Lower School is a time where students build foundational skills for how to learn— as individuals and as classmates. To build these skills, our educators focus on developing social-emotional skills in addition to academic ones. Students then build up to longer and deeper explorations through interdisciplinary projects. They practice forms of mindfulness, and explore concepts like Design Thinking. In academics, students make the transition from learning to read to reading to learn. They build a conceptual understanding of numbers and apply it to solve real-world problems. With a mindful and gradual introduction to technology, they learn to be responsible digital citizens who can effectively seek out resources and experts.

Middle School

Middle School encompasses 6th through 8th grade. During this time, students begin to consider the paths they want to pursue beyond AltSchool. They set goals to focus their growth and help determine the high schools that best fit their goals and interests. To prepare for this important next step, students continue their rigorous academic work through both direct study and interdisciplinary projects.

This age also brings a new set of opportunities for deeper self-understanding and agency, and for growing empathy for and collaboration with others. They continue to understand and feel their impact in the school community and the world around them. They read and analyze complex texts and develop competency in core math and science domains. They explore their passions and demonstrate learning that manifest in everything from art installations to websites. They graduate with a love of learning, breadth and depth of knowledge, and the well-earned confidence to excel in the world beyond AltSchool.

Although some schools do not currently offer classes through 8th grade upon opening, we will accommodate all currently enrolled students through 8th grade in each city where we have schools.

Before & After School


Through regular interdisciplinary projects, students experience the arts, STEM, and outdoor learning as part of the core curriculum. Students also engage in physical fitness activities each day. To delve more deeply into areas of interest, students can sign up for co-curriculars before and after school for an additional fee. Our co-curricular classes include music, athletics, coding, and foreign languages, as well as our drop-in program until 6pm. We personalize co-curricular offerings at each location based on student and parent preferences, as well as availability.

Team Sports

Depending on interest and community availability, our schools offer additional opportunities to participate in sports beyond the athletics and outdoor physical recreation that are part of the daily schedule. Lower and Middle School students currently participate in basketball, tennis, and soccer. AltSchool is a member of the San Francisco Independent Athletic League (SFIAL), comprised of several small public and private middle schools. Our PE curriculum is tailored to building skills within the league’s seasonal sports. Parents are also welcome to coordinate with other AltSchool families to form competitive teams through local sports leagues outside of AltSchool.

AltSchool Language Programs

AltSchool currently offers two full-time language programs in San Francisco.

Our language programs develop proficiency in a second language and are grounded in AltSchool’s whole-child, personalized, and experiential educational approach. Similar to other AltSchool students, each child enrolled in a language program has a personalized learning plan, with personal goals and curricula based on their level and passions across all academic areas. Language programs also inspire an appreciation of culture, history, and arts through project-based learning.

Spanish Immersion:

Transitional Kindergarten - 3rd Grade (San Francisco only)

Class work ranges from 80% - 90% in Spanish and 10% - 20% in English across all academic areas. Children applying for TK - 1st grade can have any level of proficiency, including beginners with no previous exposure to Spanish.

German Bilingual:

Transitional Kindergarten - 2nd Grade (San Francisco only)

Class work is 50% in German and 50% in English. We are accepting applications for TK - 2nd grade from students of all levels of proficiency in the German language.

Application Process

We are offering up to a $5,000 merit scholarship to students fluent in Spanish and/or German to encourage a rich language experience in the classroom. Needs-based tuition assistance may also be available.

Please refer to the San Francisco locations page to see the full application process.

Summer @ AltSchool

Summer is a time to explore and inspire a continued love of learning!

We offer a rich array of summer programming, from maker labs to AltSchool Extension.

Contact us at summer@altschool.com to receive updates on dates and locations for Summer @ AltSchool.

Our Values

AltSchool is 100% focused on our students.

Our personalized learning approach puts each child at the center of everything we do. Smaller classroom student:teacher ratios, coupled with state-of-the-art classroom design and technology, enable a flexible learning environment that mixes individual, group and experiential learning.

AltSchool is dynamic.

Our analytical approach and core strengths in innovation combine educational best practices with the latest tools. Our educators build learning experiences that are adaptive at their core and keep our children engaged.

AltSchool is rigorous.

Students learn best when they are interested. By personalizing learning to student needs and passions, we can challenge them more. Students learn at a level that pushes them, but not so much that they disengage. We also provide frequent quantitative and qualitative feedback to ensure that students are prepared for success after their AltSchool years.

AltSchool is diverse.

We believe that children benefit from diversity and that all children deserve an excellent, child-centered education. You can help us bring AltSchool to more children by donating to our need-based tuition assistance fund.

AltSchool is engaged with the community.

Learning is not just about what happens inside the classroom. We connect students with experts and institutions in the community to enrich the learning experience and keep them wanting more.

AltSchool is a partnership.

We believe it is vital to have parents integrally involved in their child’s education. We measure parent satisfaction and offer tools so that parents can see and understand how their students are learning at any point in time - not just at parent/teacher conferences.

AltSchool is fun.

When students drive their own learning, they become motivated by passion and creativity -- and learn to be that way throughout their lives. They also simply love going to school. We love watching them show up early on Mondays, ready to dive right in.

Our Parents

Parents are AltSchool’s partners in their child’s education.

That said, parents have busy lives -- so AltSchool makes it easy for them to stay involved and informed. Through simple technology solutions for communication, registration, payments and permission slips, AltSchool helps families spend more time on the things that matter most -- and that most benefit their children.

AltSchool works with families on after-school care and transportation options to make school convenient. Scheduling constraints due to additional commitments can be accommodated and family travel is encouraged as an opportunity for children to learn outside the classroom.

AltSchool parents are integral to the reimagined school experience. AltSchool looks to them for feedback on what is going well and what can be improved. Aside from simply listening, AltSchool explicitly measures different dimensions of parent satisfaction, sharing the results in a transparent way and tracking progress over time.

AltSchool has an open door policy and welcomes parents to the classroom. However, volunteer hours are not requested or required. AltSchool has a full team working in the background so that parents don't have to worry about mandatory volunteering.

Learn more about how we seek to meet the needs of families from Peter, our Head of Parent Satisfaction.

Learn more about why community matters at AltSchool.


AltSchool has locations in the San Francisco Bay Area, New York City, and is expanding to Chicago in the 2017-2018 school year. Please sign up here if you want to be notified about future location openings.

Please select your location to learn more, including an overview of our admissions calendar and tuition information:

San Francisco
Palo Alto
New York City
Chicago (Fall 2017)

San Francisco Schools

AltSchool SOMA

AltSchool HQ and Middle School
1245 Folsom St
San Francisco, CA 94103

AltSchool Alamo Square

Lower School (K - 5)
735 Fell St
San Francisco, CA 94117

AltSchool Dogpatch 1

Lower School (TK - 2)
2265 3rd St
San Francisco, CA 94107
Special Program: Spanish Immersion

AltSchool Dogpatch 2

Lower School (TK - 2)
610 20th St
San Francisco, CA 94107
Special Programs: German Bilingual

AltSchool Fort Mason

Lower and Middle School (K - 8)
3741 Buchanan St
San Francisco, CA 94123

AltSchool North Beach (Scheduled to open Fall 2016)

Lower and Middle School (TK - 8)
838 Kearny St
San Francisco, CA 94108

AltSchool Potrero Hill (Scheduled to open Fall 2016)

Lower and Middle School (TK - 8)
99 Missouri St
San Francisco, CA 94107

AltSchool Yerba Buena (Scheduled to open Fall 2016)

Lower and Middle School (TK - 8)
300 4th St
San Francisco, CA 94107

Palo Alto Schools

AltSchool Palo Alto

Lower and Middle School (TK - 7)
930 Emerson Street
Palo Alto, CA 94301

New York City Schools

AltSchool Brooklyn Heights

Lower and Middle School (Pre-K - 6)
212 Hicks St
Brooklyn, NY 11201

AltSchool East Village (Scheduled to open Fall 2016)

Lower and Middle School (Pre-K - 6)
1 Avenue B
New York, NY 10009

Chicago Schools

AltSchool Lincoln Park (Scheduled to open Fall 2017)

Lower and Middle School (Pre-K - 8)
2720 N Clark St
Chicago, IL 60614


About Us

What is AltSchool?

AltSchool is a collaborative network of micro-schools that uses outstanding teachers, deep research and innovative tools to offer a personalized, whole child learning experience for the next generation.

What makes AltSchool unique?

At each of our schools, we listen and adapt to the specific needs of our students, teachers and parents. We develop Personalized Learning Plans to cultivate each child academically, socially and emotionally. To that end, we work with partners in the community to offer a holistic experience that takes advantage of the best people and places that surrounding neighborhoods have to offer. All of this is made possible through the AltSchool supporting network, which works continuously to drive true innovation in education.

What is a micro-school?

AltSchool micro-schools are small learning communities with approximately 80-150 students. Students of mixed ages are divided among several classrooms. Because of their small size, micro-schools are flexible in adapting to the needs of teachers, parents, and students.

Why build a network?

AltSchool is built on a scalable framework of centralized resources including product development, engineering, operations and human resources. Through collaboration and innovation, our schools improve as they grow, while still maintaining a warm, small-school environment at each location. Every student’s experience improves as additional students are added to the network because as we try new ideas in our classrooms, we share best practices across the network. Since we opened in 2013, we’ve expanded from 1 to 4 schools, with more opening in the Fall both in San Francisco, CA as well as Palo Alto, CA and Brooklyn, NY. As our micro-school network grows from hundreds to thousands of enrolled students in the years to come, AltSchool will transform to provide a continuously higher quality learning experience for all.

Who is AltSchool?

AltSchool’s founding team includes experienced educators and technology leaders, united around the mission of delivering personalized education to all children. Our educators have many years of experience in teaching and leading schools, with deep expertise in learning differences, gifted education, and cross-cultural education.

Read more about our team.

How are you funded?

AltSchool is privately funded by venture and philanthropic sources. Our funding gives us the resources and flexibility to build an alternative school system that can quickly scale to serve increasing numbers of families. AltSchool's corporate functions, including technology R&D and school system operations, are funded by venture sources. AltSchool campuses, including teacher salaries and campus operations, are funded by tuition. Philanthropy and other resources fund tuition assistance.

Fast Facts

What is tuition, and what is included in tuition?

Tuition depends on several factors, including geographic location and specific program costs. Tuition includes all activities, field trips, technology devices, and classroom supplies. Lunch and personalizable co-curricular programs offered before and after school are available for an additional fee. See location specific details for San Francisco, Palo Alto and Brooklyn.

Is financial aid available?

AltSchool wants to provide access to an excellent child-centered education to as many students as possible and believes that all children benefit from being part of a diverse community. Need-based tuition assistance is available and we are happy to discuss options as part of the application process.

What is the San Francisco school calendar for 2016-2017?

Please see location pages for the most up-to-date school calendar.

What are school hours?

We understand that flexibility is important for families. Families can drop off their children at school anytime between 8:00am and 9:00am for no additional fee. The school day ends at 3:15 for Lower School and 3:30pm for Middle School. If your child has special scheduling needs beyond this flexible schedule, we’re happy to work with you to try to accommodate them.

Is after-school care available?

We offer co-curricular programs (AltExplore, seasonal sessions, and academic focus) at each of our locations from the end of the school day through 6pm daily.

Families do not need to sign up in advance for AltExplore and students may join as needed or in combination with other co-curricular offerings. The program is designed to support children’s need for unstructured play and exploration. Supervised by AltSchool educators, activities may include free-choice or Playlist time, outdoor play, as well as collaborative science, art, or tinkering projects depending on student interest. The cost for the 2015-16 school year is $12 per hour.

AltSchool’s seasonal co-curricular sessions are taught by specialists and run for 10-14 weeks, allowing students to explore new subjects, dig deeper into their existing passions and interests, and build on previous experiences. These programs take place before school during the 8-9am drop-off window and after school through 6pm. Content is determined at each site based on family preferences and educator availability, but may include coursework in foreign language, performing arts, sports, environmental education, STEM, and visual arts.

These co-curricular programs offer families a wide range of choices to truly personalize a student’s day. Content is tailored to each group’s interest and abilities, and children can form meaningful relationships with peers from other classrooms and AltSchool sites.

In most cases, a minimum number of enrolled students will be required for a program to move forward. Pricing depends on the offering, as well as on meeting frequency (once to multiple times a week), but ranges from $100-$500 per month.

In addition to the time during the school day, our education support team may recommend extra one-on-one or small-group sessions that can be held after school for an additional fee.

Do you have recess?

AltSchool students have recess every day and participate in daily outdoor activities, visiting parks throughout the city. Our students also have dedicated physical fitness time three to five times per week, which may include yoga, dance, or other movement classes. Additional athletics and movement offerings are a part of our co-curricular program before and after school.

What food is served at AltSchool?

Children bring their own lunches to school. We also have a variety of nutritious snacks available throughout the day. We are open to starting lunch programs if families are interested.

How are allergies handled?

AltSchool is a “nut sensitive” school. While we do not prohibit nuts from being on campus, all considerations will be give to protect students with nut allergies. Educators will work with families and our Safety Team to develop personalized safety plans for each student with food allergies.

Do you have summer school?

We currently offer a Summer @ AltSchool program in San Francisco. In addition, we are considering year-round school models for the future.

How do you handle safety / security?

AltSchool has a Head of Safety who has formalized processes for emergency situations as well as safety procedures and protocols for all aspects of the AltSchool experience, including inside the classroom, on trips to the park, and on field trips.


How do you develop a personalized curriculum?

When a child joins AltSchool, we create a Learner Portrait for him or her. The Learner Portrait catalogs interests, passions, strengths, opportunities, and learning strategies that work best. It also reflects where the student currently is on the continuum of learner objectives that we have set for all AltSchool students and is continually updated over time. Based on the Learner Portrait and global AltSchool Learning Objectives, our educators (in collaboration with family and students) create a Personalized Learning Plan (PLP). The PLP is reviewed quarterly and informs the playlist activities a student sees each week. Once goals are mastered, educators set new goals for the student.

What is an AltSchool Playlist?

The AltSchool Playlist is a personalized set of activities for a student to complete, usually on a weekly basis. It includes basic assignments, individual, small group and whole class assignment, links to external learning resources to be integrated into the student’s curriculum, and much more. Playlist time begins with our youngest students and increases as students progress through AltSchool.

What role do standards play at AltSchool?

AltSchool’s learning objectives draw from a variety of standards and metrics as a framework for instructional design. Our Lower and Middle School instruction is informed by the Common Core, National Council of the Teachers of Mathematics (NCTM), Next Generation Science Standards, International Society for Technology in Education (ISTE), Partnership for 21st Century Skills, and the Collaborative for Academic, Social, and Emotional Learning (CASEL), among others.

What co-curricular experiences do you offer?

As part of the school day, students get an interdisciplinary curriculum that includes the visual and performing arts, STEM, physical fitness, and outdoor and experiential learning. Before and after school, AltSchool also offers for an additional fee a wide range of co-curricular programs for families to personalize to fit their needs. These offerings include art, music, athletics, tinkering, and foreign language, as well as our drop-in AltExplore program and time for independent study or one-on-one tutoring and support. We personalize co-curricular offerings at each location based on student and parent preferences, as well as community availability. These programs are regularly adjusted based on feedback. Where possible, co-curriculars are integrated into students’ work during the school day.

What type of assessment happens at AltSchool?

Families receive regular updates on student progress based on playlist and project-based learning activities, student and teacher reflections, portfolio work, and adaptive-standardized tests. Teachers also hold parent/teacher conferences throughout the year.

Is there a foreign language program?

Our co-curricular programs before and after school are offered for an additional fee and include foreign language instruction for all ages and levels in Mandarin and Spanish. In the past, AltSchool has partnered with organizations such as Alliance Française Bay Area to provide interested students an opportunity to study other languages that do not have the demand for a full AltSchool class.

Do you give grades?

Frequent feedback is key to improving student outcomes over time. AltSchool students regularly receive both qualitative and quantitative feedback.

Students, teachers, and family members regularly reflect on the design and outcomes of each student’s Personalized Learning Plan and adjust goals accordingly. Teachers also hold drop-in “office hours” when family members can come in to discuss student progress or concerns if they arise.

In addition, AltSchool students who are at a 2nd grade reading level and above are assessed three times per year via the Measure of Academic Progress (MAP) test. MAP is an adaptive test based on Common Core Standards that matches each student’s skill level. Parents and teachers will be able to benchmark a child’s grade level for reading and math, including percentile ranking and range of growth.

What is your policy on homework?

AltSchool does not have a formal homework policy and it varies from child to child. This depends on age, skill level and how successful each child is in managing time to complete work in class.

When Lower School students bring home school work, it is usually to complete a project or to dive deeper into topics driven by passion and interest. Because reading assignments and written work become lengthier as the student matures, Middle Schoolers regularly have homework in order to maximize instructional time. However, students can often finish their work during individual Playlist time built into the schedule every day.

Classroom Dynamics

Who is the principal?

Our classrooms are designed for participatory leadership rather than top-down control. Each micro-school classroom is run by a Head of School who collaborates with co-teachers, parents and students to shape vision, determine priorities, and solve problems.

Other functions typically assigned to school administrators -- including recruiting, outreach, technology support, purchasing, and finances -- are handled by AltSchool’s support team and academic advisory board.

Why do you have mixed ages?

We believe that, like adults, children benefit educationally and socially from being part of diverse communities with a range of ages and abilities. Grouping children of various ages together gives each child exposure to peers who are similar and different. Children learn from one another as they stretch to attain higher levels of understanding and as they serve as experts to those less far along. Each student has a personalized education plan so that we can effectively serve children at multiple grade levels in the same homeroom environment.

How are student needs met in a micro-school campus?

Our micro-schools are composed of flexible classroom spaces that work as multi-disciplinary learning centers. An open floor plan, modular furniture and state of the art learning tools allow us to easily shift room functions--quickly transforming a room from a science laboratory to a reading lounge to a yoga studio. In addition, students make frequent use of neighborhood facilities such as yoga studios, gyms, science institutions, libraries, museums, parks, and other enrichment centers in the city.

How are you using technology?

Most technology is invisible in the classroom. Student-facing technology complements but never replaces the relationship with the teacher. We use technology to superpower our teachers and improve the quality of time spent with each student. We use technology in three ways:

1. We help teachers do what they do best: teach. We are building digital platforms to streamline the backend operations of the classroom so teachers can spend more time in face-to-face interactions with students.
2. Understanding that parent input and feedback are key to every student’s education, we are building digital tools to support communications and collaboration between teachers, parents, and students.
3. We complement our interactive, project-based approach with digital learning tools carefully curated by our educators as part of a student’s personalized learning plan. We mentor each student’s use of technology.

Technology in the classroom varies by program. With younger children technology is used mainly for chronicling students work and to provide communication between parents and educators. A younger student might use technology to take a picture of an activity to chronicle it, provide feedback on a project, or create a video for a story she has written. For older students, technology is integrated throughout their curriculum as appropriate, and they leverage it to augment learning and accomplish their overall learning objectives. Each student has their own iPad or Chromebook to manage their playlist learning.

Parents and Teachers

How do teachers work with each other?

Teachers work in co-teaching teams, drawing on each other’s strengths to ensure that the classroom runs smoothly and the program is rich and dynamic. They also partner with subject matter experts and external resources to provide a diverse learning experience for all students.

How do teachers work with parents?

Teachers and parents are a team at AltSchool. They work together to form a deep understanding of each child’s Learner Portrait and to continually refine Personalized Learning Plans. Parents are encouraged to provide feedback to teachers on a regular basis to improve their child’s learning trajectory. On a regular basis, parents receive updates regarding student progress on playlist activities. Parents, students, and teachers also meet for an in-person conferences to evaluate and improve the learning experience. AltSchool parents also have the opportunity to suggest experiences for inclusion in the curriculum on an ongoing basis and to contribute their own talents to the classroom.

Beyond working with teachers, what else is expected of families?

At AltSchool, families are a critical part of the education experience and community. Families give their time and resources voluntarily in ways that meet their interests and time available. Structured opportunities to contribute include volunteering as Class Community Builders, Site Improvements Committee Members, Admissions Ambassadors and Technology Committee Members.

Families can also participate in more unstructured ways, including volunteering their time to share their expertise or culture with a class, attending community and/or parent education events, or participating in the online AltSchool Family Network.


What kind of child does AltSchool look for?

There is no single perfect type of student for AltSchool. We look for children with a combination of skills, talents, interests, and learning styles. We also look for children with a combination of curiosity, enthusiasm, and optimism. We consider these elements when putting together our classrooms. We aim to attract students who complement one another and help each other grow. Because we provide personalized learning experiences and we have multiple locations and school environments, we are an ideal educational environment for a wide range of personality types and learner profiles.

What about siblings of those already enrolled?

We welcome siblings and work with each family individually to accommodate sibling enrollment.

How old does my child need to be to enroll in the Transitional Kindergarten and Pre-Kindergarten programs?

Please see our location pages for age cut-offs.

How many openings do you have?

Rather than ranking students and admitting our top choices to a limited number of spots, we craft ideally balanced classes through a careful understanding of students and families. We have the capacity to open new micro-schools where there is the greatest interest and demand amongst prospective families.

How are grade levels organized at AltSchool?

AltSchool offers both Lower School (Pre-Kindergarten through 5th grade), and Middle School (6th - 8th grade). Programs vary by school location. Each school features several multi-age classrooms.

How old does my child need to be to enroll in the Transitional Kindergarten or Pre-Kindergarten program?

In California, we accept children who will be at least four years and nine months old on the first day of school to our Transitional Kindergarten program. In New York, we accept children who will turn four years old by January of the first year of school to our Pre-Kindergarten program.

What is your vaccination policy?

At AltSchool we take the health of our students, educators, and the surrounding communities seriously. We require all students to be fully immunized and recognize only those exemptions required by law in the locations in which we operate.

In California, the Health and Safety Code requires all students to be immunized. In the past, California law recognized two exemptions to this requirement: for personal/religious beliefs and medical exemptions. Beginning in January 2016, the State will no longer permit new religious and personal belief exemptions. Accordingly, as of January 1, 2016, AltSchool will require all students to be immunized except for (1) students who have valid temporary or permanent medical exemptions and (2) students who have an existing personal/religious belief exemption and who are in between the checkpoint grades (defined as kindergarten and seventh grade), in each case with documentation as required by law. For all students, we will require a complete immunization record before a child begins school.

In New York, the New York State Public Health Law requires all students to be immunized and does not recognize exemptions except for medical exemptions and religious exemptions. AltSchool grants medical exemptions when a New York State licensed physician certifies that immunization may be detrimental to the child’s health, with documentation as required by law. AltSchool will review requests for religious exemptions, so long as they are accompanied by all documentation required by law. Parents are encouraged to submit documentation immediately upon enrollment to ensure AltSchool’s timely review and assessment of the validity of a requested exemption. For all students, we will require a complete immunization record before your child begins school.

We recommend reviewing your child’s immunization records well in advance of the start of school to give yourself time to complete any required immunizations.

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Scholarship Fund at AltSchool

At AltSchool, we believe that all children deserve an excellent, personalized education that helps them reach their full potential. We also believe that children benefit from diversity, and that diverse classrooms help prepare young learners for the future.

Our students represent a diverse cross-section of communities, and many families rely on need-based tuition assistance to provide this opportunity to their children.

We invite community members, philanthropists, and organizations to support us in making AltSchool accessible to more children from underserved communities.

When you contribute to AltSchool’s Scholarship Fund, you not only create more opportunities for children to access an exceptional education, but you also invest in continuous innovation of personalized learning tools and best practices with far-reaching implications for how children learn in the 21st century.

To learn more about AltSchool's philanthropic endeavors, please contact Brandon Myint.