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What is an AltSchool lab school?

Lab schools are learning environments designed and operated by AltSchool. In our lab schools, we apply a rigorous process for hiring educators, who encourage and support students by demonstrating a growth mindset; being responsive and adaptable; and modeling a learner-centered approach.

Educators and students in our lab schools are supported by an exceptional team of people outside the classroom. More than 100 engineers, designers, operators, and non-classroom educators collaborate daily to facilitate the ideal educational experience for every student in our lab schools.


What are school hours?

We understand that flexibility is important for families. You can drop off your child at school anytime between 8:00 a.m. and 9:00 a.m. for no additional fee. The school day ends at 3:15 p.m. for Lower School and 3:30 p.m. for Middle School.

How are grade levels organized at AltSchool?

New York City: AltSchool offers both Lower School (pre-kindergarten through 4th grade), and Middle School (5th through 8th grade). Programs vary by school location. Each school features mixed-age classrooms with 2- to 3-year age bands.

San Francisco Bay Area: AltSchool offers both Lower School (kindergarten through 5th grade), and Middle School (6th through 8th grade). Programs vary by school location. Each school features mixed-age classrooms with 2- to 3-year age bands.

Is after-school care available?

Our AltExplore after-school program includes Extended Day and Enrichment offerings for additional fees. You may customize an AltExplore schedule for your child that combines elements of any or all programs.

Extended Day runs every school day until 6:00 p.m. You may choose from several prepay packages with discounted rates or pay a drop-in fee for last-minute attendance. There is never a waiting list for Extended Day.

Do you have recess?

AltSchool students have physical education and recess every day and regularly visit local outdoor spaces near each school. On a weekly basis, students enjoy both unstructured outdoor play and exploration as well as structured games and activities such as yoga, dance, Frisbee, soccer, and Parkour, based on student interest. Additional sports and movement classes may be offered as part of the AltExplore program before and/or after school for an additional fee.


Is financial aid available?

Need-based tuition assistance is available, which we are happy to discuss in more detail during the admissions process. AltSchool wants to provide access to an excellent child-centered education to as many students as possible and believes that all children benefit from being part of a diverse community.

Health and Safety

How are allergies handled?

AltSchool is an Allergy Aware school community. Educators and our Safety Team members work closely with families to develop personalized safety plans for each student and their specific allergies. Although we don’t ban specific foods or nuts from our campuses, we have a clear protocol to protect students with food allergies at our schools.

What is your vaccination policy?

At AltSchool we take the health of our students, educators, and the surrounding communities seriously. We require all students to be fully immunized and recognize only those exemptions required by law in the locations in which we operate.

In California, the Health and Safety Code requires all students to be immunized. Following California law, AltSchool requires all students to be immunized except for (1) students who have valid temporary or permanent medical exemptions and (2) students who have an existing personal/religious belief exemption and who are in between the checkpoint grades (defined as kindergarten and 7th grade), in each case with documentation as required by law.

In New York, The New York State Public Health Law requires all students to be immunized and does not recognize exemptions except for medical exemptions and religious exemptions. AltSchool grants medical exemptions when a New York State licensed physician certifies that immunization may be detrimental to the child’s health, with proper documentation as required by law. AltSchool will review requests for religious exemption from immunization, so long as they are accompanied by all documentation required under New York law.

For all students, we will require a complete immunization record that meets the state’s requirements before a child begins school. Students whose immunization records have not been received by the first day of class will not be permitted to attend school until their records have been received. We recommend reviewing your child’s immunization records well in advance of the start of school to give yourself time to complete any required immunizations.