Our Educators

AltSchool educators are passionate and creative, inspiring a love of learning in students every day. We are fortunate to hire some of the best educators from across the globe.

Featured Educator Roles

Head of School

The Head of School is responsible for the culture, community, and success of each individual school. They set the academic vision for the school, support professional growth for other educators, and work directly with your child as a master educator.

Classroom Educators

Our educators focus on a deep personal understanding of your child and the classroom community, ensuring that each student feels engaged, known, respected, and appreciated. They also provide a specialization for project-based learning arcs and core skills.

Personalization Lead

Personalization Leads work with your child to provide targeted instruction and tailored social-emotional and sensory learning recommendations. They coach classroom educators on instructional planning and strategies to meet the unique needs of individual students.

Operations and Innovation Lead

The School Operations and Innovation Lead manages the logistical and functional operations of each school, including before- and after-school programs and field trips.

AltSchool Education Leadership Team

Our educators are supported by a specialized team of education management and pedagogy experts that sets the vision for our educational approach and what it means to be a lab school. With decades of deep experience in education leadership, including driving quality initiatives that have impacted the lives of tens of thousands of learners, this team is responsible for rigorously measuring student outcomes and ensuring quality in our lab schools.

How We Hire Our Educators

Through a rigorous hiring process, we evaluate educators across four domains of professional practice standards that align with the AltSchool approach.
The cognitive domain requires curiosity and creativity. AltSchool educators must demonstrate capacity to respond with curiosity, question, apply past knowledge, pursue new knowledge, and innovate on their practice.
The intrapersonal domain requires resilience and ethics. AltSchool educators must be self-aware of thoughts and feelings, model self- and co-regulation, persist through challenges, and act with compassion and integrity.
The interpersonal domain requires leadership and collaboration. AltSchool educators must seek understanding through empathetic listening, work interdependently, communicate with clarity and precision, and demonstrate capacity for community building.
The instructional domain requires critical thinking and self-direction. AltSchool educators must be responsive; practice informed decision-making based on data and observations; and work with intentionality and patience.

Empowering Educators

Once we hire exceptional educators, we empower them to facilitate the best education possible for your child. Educators are supported by:
  • A staffing model that enables them to have richer interactions with each student
  • Dedicated time to co-develop educational tools with AltSchool engineers
  • Opportunities for professional growth and development
  • The flexibility to create meaningful experiences for their students
  • A professional learning community from which to draw and share best practices

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