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Application and Selection Process

How do I apply?

Please complete the questionnaire on our website.

How do you pick schools?

We carefully consider several factors when discussing a potential partnership with a school. These range from philosophical alignment with personalized, whole-child learning to an individual school’s technology capabilities.

Are you accepting inquiries from international schools?

At this time, we're focused on schools within the U.S. You're welcome to submit a questionnaire and we'll get in touch when we expand beyond the U.S.

I submitted a questionnaire but I haven’t heard back.

We apologize that you haven't received a response. We are flattered by the interest from schools both domestically and abroad. If your school is based in the U.S. and potentially a good fit for the partnership, we'll reach out to you to set up additional time to talk. If you have additional information to add to your questionnaire, feel free to email us at

Scheduling a Tour

Can I schedule a visit to one of your schools?

We wish we could accommodate all requests to visit our schools. However, we need to give our educators the time and space required to focus on creating the best learning environments for our students. After you submit a questionnaire, we'll get in touch about next steps in the process, which may include a visit to one of our schools.


How much does it cost?

Pricing ranges are based on a number of factors, including scope of training required, technology infrastructure specifications/needs, level of customization for platform, as well as ongoing implementation and support. We are happy to discuss pricing with you in further detail during the evaluation process.


Are there minimum technology requirements?

We require all partners to have or be working on the implementation of a reliable Internet connection and a laptop or tablet device for each student. In addition, a Wi-Fi ready environment for organizationally managed student and educator devices should exist or be in the works. There will be an opportunity to discuss additional details throughout the process.


Please read our legal guidelines before submitting a questionnaire.