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The AltSchool platform is a system of tools and services that helps educators offer a whole-child, personalized education that fosters student agency. Built on a foundation of leading educational research, the platform has been developed and continually refined through collaboration with educators, parents, and students in our own lab schools.

AltSchool is charting a new course toward a 21st-century education, one that better prepares children for a successful future in a rapidly shifting society.

We are accepting applications from U.S. schools for the fall 2018 cohort that will be Powered by AltSchool.

Using Technology to Empower People

Our product, engineering, and design teams work directly with educators on a daily basis to build the AltSchool platform and to co-develop it as an interdisciplinary team. Incorporating insights and feedback from multiple perspectives continually improves the AltSchool platform for all stakeholders in the education process.

Everything we build and do is in service of students—and we empower teachers, administrators, and parents to play key roles in every child's education. 

Through a process of collecting and aggregating data from online and offline sources, our tools create a digital representation of each student based on digital and non-digital experiences. Contextualized with metrics, educators have a deeply accurate picture of how each child is progressing at every stage at their fingertips.

But the platform offers more than just data. AltSchool tools make insights actionable, super-powering teachers to do what they do best. Through this deep understanding of a child’s interests, learning style and traits, educators can more effectively plan and implement a student's personalized experience.

Teachers and Administrators

The real magic isn’t simply the technology itself, but how our tools open new possibilities for teachers to engage with and motivate students.

AltSchool technology helps teachers understand students as individual learners—from a perspective that’s both deep and wide—so they can develop and deliver a comprehensive, personalized curriculum that helps each child thrive socially and emotionally, as well as academically.

Our technology streamlines tasks, allowing educators to spend time on what matters most to create the highest-quality student experience.

Our platform also enables schools to change and adapt their approaches with greater agility than ever before, continually collecting and iterating on feedback from teachers, students, and parents. The effect: continuing improvements that happen in days and weeks, not months or years. That means the best practices advanced in one classroom can impact classrooms everywhere.


AltSchool’s well-rounded suite of products facilitates deeply personalized learning for students and supports a whole-child education, while inviting students to play an active role in their learning.

Our tools enable student agency by offering students greater transparency and context into assignments and progress; more voice and choice in their work, including collaborative dialogue with teachers; and opportunities for reflection and self-identifying key moments of learning.


The AltSchool platform offers greater transparency for parents, with multiple pathways for them to easily communicate with teachers and become active participants in their child’s education.

With extensive input from parents in our lab schools, AltSchool engineers collaborated with educators to improve communications between parents, teachers and schools—with tools easily accessed from any desktop or mobile device.

Apply to Join the 2018 Cohort of Partner Schools

As a strong community of educators, students, and parents working together, we can achieve transformational change in education. Join us and become part of a human network superpowered by technology to make personalization better and more achievable over time.

If your school is based in the U.S. and you want to create a uniquely personalized education for your students with the AltSchool platform, please complete this questionnaire or contact us for more information at

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