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Learner-centric education starts with students

Everything we build and do is in service of students, with the goal of making learning visible. That’s why we developed a software and services platform to support personalized, whole-child learning that drives agency with students; empowers educators to deepen practice; and increases transparency between students, educators, and families.

Built on leading educational research, the platform is co-developed by educators and engineers in our own lab schools, and used throughout our network of lab and partner schools serving pre-K through 12th-grade students. Similar to an operating system for schools, the platform is flexibly designed to meet the needs of a broad range of progressive school types, sizes, and pedagogies.

We partner with public and private schools that are committed to delivering a learner-centric education. If your school is based in the U.S. and you want to transform learning experiences for students, please answer a few brief questions to help us understand your goals. We are currently reviewing applications for the 2018-19 school year.

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Turn insights into action

The real magic isn’t the technology itself, but how our tools create new possibilities for teachers to engage with and motivate students. Our tools offer educators a deeply accurate picture of each child’s progress at every stage, with a robust digital representation based on digital and non-digital experiences.

With this deep understanding of a child’s interests, learning style and traits, educators can effectively develop and deliver a comprehensive, personalized curriculum that helps each child thrive socially and emotionally, as well as academically.

Amplify your practice

Build your own curriculum

Tailor assignments by building your own Units, set objectives for each student based on their personal Goals, and share content with other teachers at your school.

Personalize activities for each student

Give each student a personalized Playlist to help them track daily work. Students use the Capture app to upload photos of their work, which is automatically added to their portfolios.

Provide meaningful, efficient feedback

Get student work delivered directly to your Inbox, validate competencies achieved within project-based learning, and provide feedback to students across academic and social-emotional learning with the Assessment tool.

Understand progress at a glance

Track competency-based learning and create a summative view of student progress, automatically incorporating data from blended learning. Progression offers individual and group views of quantitative progress.

Keep parents
in the loop

Send updates in real-time with Stream, and easily communicate and share moments from the school day and actual school work with parents.

Products designed to suit your needs

A flexible design means you can use the tools how you want. See how Emily does it in her classroom.
Emily, Educator at AltSchool

"At the beginning of the school year I create my Units. I tag each Unit with specific Milestones for the entire class. Then I start adding Cards (activities and assignments) in each Unit."

"Then I assign the Cards to students,  which show up their individual Playlist. As they finish their projects, students sometimes take photos of their work with the Capture app."

"Students submit their finished Cards, which get sent to my Inbox. I can give feedback quickly with the Assessment tool and  I send the Card back to the Playlist if revisions are needed."

"After I assess a student’s work, I’ll often share it with their parents. I also like to share class-wide weekly updates with Stream so parents can follow their children’s learning."

"I don’t start setting Goals until I’ve done some assessments and have a deeper understanding of the student. Then I update their Unit objectives to match their personal Goals."

"As data comes in about a student's progress, I start to look at Progression. It’s a helpful visualization that I use to refine objectives for individual students and the class as a whole."

Built with educators, for educators

Educators actively co-develop the tools with technologists in our lab schools and provide input throughout the product lifecycle. The tools are then used and refined in school environments across our network of lab and partner schools, by teachers and with students and parents.

Transform education together

Software is only part of the solution. For this reason, we aim to create a growing learning community, by partnering with progressive schools that share our aim of transforming education. Each district and school that joins our growing network has a ripple effect that helps us all get closer to making learner-centric education available to all children.

If your school district or school is based in the U.S. and you want to transform learning experiences for students, please complete this brief questionnaire or contact us for more information at We are currently reviewing applications for our 2018 cohort.

Be part of the future of education

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