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September 15, 2016

AltSchool Opens New Schools in Manhattan and San Francisco

Eight AltSchool campuses use newly released version of its whole-child, personalized platform before expanding to partner schools next year

  • School-year starts for over 400 students across Bay Area and New York
  • Work underway for new schools to open in 2017 in Chicago and NYC’s Union Square
  • 25+ new educators join 50+ faculty; attend summer training institute
  • Final AltSchool Open partner selection underway; announcement in October

SAN FRANCISCO – Sept 15, 2016 – AltSchool today announced the opening of new schools in San Francisco and Manhattan, bringing the current network to eight locations. Two additional schools are under development for the 2017 school year in Chicago and New York’s Union Square. This year, schools will test the newest version of AltSchool’s technology platform, which enables educators to provide a whole-child, personalized education for each child. That education critically fosters student agency to better prepare them for their future. Next year, the platform will be used by AltSchool’s first partner schools through its AltSchool Open program. Partner schools will be announced in the coming weeks.

In AltSchool’s network of schools, 100+ educators and technologists are working together to build a technology platform designed to enable schools everywhere to offer each student a whole-child, personalized education. As a public-benefit corporation and a Certified B Corporation, AltSchool is one of a new class of for-profit companies that provides a positive impact on society and must meet high standards of social and environmental good. AltSchool is backed by Founders Fund, Andreessen Horowitz, Mark Zuckerberg and Priscilla Chan’s Silicon Valley Community Foundation and other key investors, who have all joined its decade-plus mission to raise the quality of education for millions of children.

“We started in 2013 by exploring a wide swath of the school experience, to determine where we could offer the most value,” said Max Ventilla, CEO and founder of AltSchool. “Through the past three years of testing and iteration, we have determined what we think is the most transformative combination of tools and services: a technology platform that helps educators offer a whole-child, personalized education that fosters student agency. That platform is supported by a network, which gets better and better as more people join it. In the next year, we’ll deploy the platform to our 10 schools, in addition to our first partner schools across the country.”

AltSchools are small communities ranging from 30 to 130 students. Each is dedicated to personalizing the school experience to benefit each student—from the environment, school-day schedules, academics, parent interaction, and more. AltSchool wants to "future proof" students by balancing high-quality academic instruction with developing students' agency, self-awareness, innate capability, and collaboration skills.

Educators use AltSchool’s technology platform as a resource to support classroom instruction, working in partnership with its engineering team to test and improve tools on a daily basis. The platform enables schools to change and adapt in real time, continually collecting and iterating on feedback from teachers, students, and parents. The effect is continuing improvements that happen in hours and days, not years. That means the best practices advanced in one classroom can impact classrooms everywhere. Core platform tools, such as Portrait and Playlist, have come out of that collaboration.

At SXSWedu earlier this year, founder Max Ventilla invited educators and administrators nationwide to open schools supported by the AltSchool platform, through its AltSchool Open program. By expanding its platform to other school communities, AltSchool will continue to build and test its tools, to produce measurable outcomes before offering products to larger school districts nationwide.

If you’re interested in learning more about AltSchool Open, visit

About AltSchoolAs a public-benefit corporation and a Certified B Corporation, AltSchool’s mission is to help schools everywhere better prepare children for their future. Its world-class educators work in partnership with engineers and designers to build and test an education technology platform within AltSchool’s growing network of schools. Their goal is to enable every teacher to more easily offer each child a personalized, whole-child education that fosters student agency. Headquartered in San Francisco, AltSchool currently operates eight schools in California and New York. It’s backed by Founders Fund, Andreessen Horowitz, Mark Zuckerberg & Priscilla Chan’s donor-advised fund at the Silicon Valley Community Foundation , and many other key investors. More information at

Maggie Quale 
Media Relations for AltSchool

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