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January 24, 2018

AltSchool’s First Public School Partners


We’re humbled and proud to announce new partnerships with nationally recognized public school leaders in innovation: Arcadia Unified School District and Menlo Park City School District are the first public school districts to adopt the AltSchool platform, beginning January 2018.

To date, AltSchool has operated our own lab schools in California and New York, and our first private school partners began using the AltSchool platform in fall 2017. All of our partner schools, both public and private, share a similar vision and commitment to personalized learning that will prepare students for a rapidly changing global world. These newest partnerships represent the next step in our plans to impact more schools, teachers, and students across the U.S.

“Our goal is to accelerate learning by developing a platform driven by educators to aid teachers who believe that personalized education is critical for student success.”  - Devin Vodicka, Chief Impact and Academic Officer, AltSchool

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Arcadia Unified (CA), Menlo Park (CA), and the HadaNõu Collective (CO) join our existing network of private school partners, which includes The Greene School (FL), Temple Beth Sholom Innovative School (FL), and Kohelet Yeshiva Lab School (PA).

Here’s what some of our partners have to say so far.


On Equity and Education

“As a superintendent, I can’t think of a better time to be in education. We have been building on and refining a 100-year-old factory model that is simply not going to serve our students in their lifetime. In Arcadia, we believe our established culture of innovation partnered with the foremost experts in personalization will reimagine a model for education that is personal to each child and has unlimited scalability.

We share the same vision as AltSchool, as we also believe all students should have the access and ability to tap into their passions and be given the ultimate education that will enable them to go out and make a positive and profound impact on their world.” - Dr. David Vannasdall, Superintendent, Arcadia Unified

On Student Engagement and Agency

“AltSchool's platform is a valuable tool for leveraging personalization in Menlo Park City School District. We particularly appreciate the way the platform makes it possible for students to set and track their own goals, linked to specific learning targets, which can increase their ownership of learning.” - Erik Burmeister, Superintendent, Menlo Park

“Our partnership with AltSchool has been inspiring for our faculty and administrators because the process is one where AltSchool has built in a support network for us as we incorporate the technology, and AltSchool’s engineers are able to update the software based on our classroom experience. The teachers using the AltSchool platform are already seeing how much more engaged their students are when individual components of their learning are tailored to their interests. The AltSchool platform makes this level of personalization easily doable for our teachers.” - Rabbi Dr. Gil S. Perl, Head of School, Kohelet Yeshiva; Chief Academic Officer, Kohelet Foundation

Discover how AltSchool uses technology to amplify student agency.

On Measuring Outcomes

“HNC's main role is to facilitate self-empowerment as communities create the schools that truly serve their needs. The AltSchool platform is the only tool out there that can give us the extreme versatility and personalization we need while also allowing us to rigorously measure very diverse sets of outcomes.

We work directly with families, students, school leaders, researchers, policymakers, businesses, nonprofits, and funders and all of these groups care about different kinds of outcomes. The AltSchool platform allows us to not only facilitate personalized and meaningful experiences with students, but measure a broad range of outcomes in a way that's actually sustainable for our educators.” - Nathan Pai Schmitt, Cofounder, The HadaNõu Collective

“Concrete data like what we see through the AltSchool platform affords our teachers the opportunity to truly personalize learning and differentiate the curriculum. It’s been amazing to share some of this with our parents, as they can clearly see their child’s progress against academic and non-academic outcomes, and even how students progress through the day. Parents tell us that they feel they are part of the classroom experience. Another feature we’ve had great success with in our school-to-home communication is goal-setting. As a Head of School, I can comment on students’ goals as well as our teachers, so parents can see everyone who is involved guiding their child's accomplishments. Communication is key when it comes to learning, and the AltSchool platform makes it efficient and effective.” - Dr. Denise Spirou, Head of School, The Greene School

“We are getting so much more curriculum alignment within our emergent approaches and experiences. There is no way we would be able to track our growth or reflect on our practices without the AltSchool platform." - Margie Zeskind, Head of School, Temple Beth Sholom

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The AltSchool platform is now available to U.S. public and private schools that share our vision of student-centered learning. To learn more about AltSchool and partnering with us, visit

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