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March 1, 2019

Arcadia: Personalized Learning Experience for All


A brand new case study, published by Entangled Solutions, illustrates how AltSchool is helping to support Arcadia Unified School District’s bold vision: to provide a personalized learning experience for every student by 2020. Here for the first time, Arcadia shares lessons learned and practical steps to help any school leader considering transformational change, including:

  1. Building a culture of agency and risk-taking
  2. Establishing a community-driven definition of personalized learning
  3. Seeking a partnership rather than a product
  4. Planning big, but starting small (to learn, grow, and improve)
  5. Setting clear goals you can measure

The study specifically explores the impact of Arcadia’s decision to select the AltSchool platform to support its 9,500 students across 11 schools. After years of trial and error with other vendors, Arcadia learned that district-wide change of this scope requires a true technology partnership. The study depicts the benefits of AltSchool’s hands-on, deeply collaborative approach with the district -- from initial work with administrators to design an implementation strategy, to on-site training with teachers, to teachers’ ability to provide product feedback that is helping to shape the platform in real-time.

After a few months using the AltSchool platform, Arcadia middle school science teacher, John Choi, said “in many areas it’s improved my teaching.” He explains that, “it has improved the flow of the classroom, the number of lessons I can get out, the amount of information I can get out, and the response time that I have to students, which is very important.”

Read article by Michael Horn to learn more: Michael Horn: How to Make District-Wide Innovation Personal—and Collaborative
Entangled Solutions case study: A Personalized Learning Experience For All

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