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April 5, 2019

Catalyst Monthly: April 2019 Newsletter

Devin Vodicka, Chief Impact Officer

Esteemed Colleague,

Welcome to the first issue of Catalyst Monthly, a resource of insights, practices, and highlights from the learner-centered movement. 

In the past few years, a powerful alignment of vision, strategy, and technology for scaling learner-centered education has emerged, putting it within reach for all schools and learners looking to shift from teacher-led to student-driven models. I’m encouraged by our progress and today’s learners give me a sense of urgency.

This publication offers education leaders:

  • An inside peek into learner-centered schools
  • Resources for leading change
  • Tips for shifting from teacher- to student-centered learning
  • Connections with the growing learner-centered community

This month’s issue spotlights student agency, a practice that recognizes learners as active participants in the design and realization of their learning. While student agency takes on many forms in a school setting, it all starts with listening to the learners. Taking the time to listen to learners is guaranteed to be time well spent. It will likely influence your educational practices, it could change the life of the learner, and it may even change yours.

Like every learner’s path, the journey for every learning community is unique. What’s clear is that transformational change is a community effort and the path forward is together. With that in mind, please share this publication with your colleagues, too. They can sign up for Catalyst Monthly here.


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