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April 6, 2017

Hiring for the Future of Education

Making the best education the most accessible is truly a collaborative effort. AltSchool’s educators, entrepreneurs, and engineers have been working together for the past several years to develop tools to make whole-child, personalized learning a reality for all educators.

We started with our own lab schools and are beginning to welcome partner schools onto our platform. Our new team members represent public and charter school innovators, who have spent decades working to improve school quality and believe AltSchool’s platform can create meaningful change to education. These new leaders will be instrumental in achieving our goal. Please join us in welcoming them to AltSchool.

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Devin Vodicka, Chief Impact Officer

Devin began his career in education as a public elementary school teacher in 1996. His drive and dedication enabled him to quickly ascend to principal, district administrator, and superintendent of the Vista Unified School District before joining AltSchool as our Chief Impact Officer. Born and raised in Northern California, Devin is happy to return to the Bay Area where he hopes to create a systemic shift in education that makes whole-child, personalized learning accessible for all and empowers learner agency. He made the decision to come to AltSchool when he saw an opportunity to broaden his impact and shape the future of education.

“There is a deep, thoughtful strategy behind AltSchool’s approach. The team is exceptionally talented and the potential for long-term success is tremendous. I’m excited to bring our vision to life at our lab schools and through collaboration with partner schools.”

Colleen Broderick, VP of Learning

Colleen is an education veteran with over two decades of experience as a teacher, instructional coach, administrator, and learning designer. Her experience has spanned the globe, taking her to schools in Malaysia, Kazakhstan, Nepal, and Brazil. Prior to AltSchool, Colleen helped launch four schools and served as Chief Learning Designer at ReSchool Colorado. AltSchool is excited to have Colleen on board to lead education and pedagogy, a role where she will deeply investigate pedagogy as it relates to learner-centric environments and make powerful learning tools scalable. Her goal is threefold: to ensure each student has access to a relevant and personalized experience, to give each educator access to tools to design curricula and assessment at a division and school level, and to enact a broader system that wraps around learning in flexible ways.

“The educational levers—instruction, assessment, professional learning, partnerships, policy—are too slow to meet this generation of student need. There needs to be a systemic way to accelerate a learner’s ability to drive their learning—to cultivate an environment that prepares them for their future. I believe technology is central to the solution and I’m excited to make it accessible to schools across the US.”

Sam Franklin, VP of Schools

Sam returns to the West Coast where he began his career as a middle school teacher in Oakland to join AltSchool as our VP of Schools. As the Executive Director, Office of Teacher Effectiveness in the Pittsburgh Public School District, Sam led a massive five-year effort to improve teacher quality, managing an $80M program across more than 50 city schools. Most recently, he was a professor of education policy at Carnegie Mellon University. In his new role at AltSchool, he aims to improve whole-child personalized learning in our lab schools and foster collaboration between our educators and engineers to better our tools.

“I was most inspired by AltSchool’s values, especially its focus on student agency and on technology as a tool to facilitate learning through rich experiences that are deep and personalized. We can also take our lab schools to the next level, where they are inspiring examples of how technology can enable personalized learning.”

Ben Kornell, VP of Growth

Ben’s career in education began over 15 years ago as a middle school teacher in East San Jose. He has gone on to hold positions in the Office of Instruction, Innovation, and Social Justice in San Francisco Unified School District, operations at Leadership Public Schools, and Chief Operating Officer at Envision Education. Ben joins AltSchool as our new VP of Growth where he’s excited to leverage his experience scaling practices and products that work across the education system. Driven by the goal to end educational inequity by helping all students unlock their full potential and passions, Ben believes that AltSchool’s student-centered, technology-enabled approach provides teachers with the tools and support necessary to make this mission a reality.

“AltSchool is truly differentiated in how it brings engineers, developers, teachers, and partner schools together to co-develop services and technology. It is through this collaboration that we can unlock the potential for technology to transform student learning.”

Learn more about becoming an AltSchool partner school.

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